Tap A Song
Memory (from Cats)Andrew Lloyd Webber1982
Wishing You Were Somehow Here AgainAndrew Lloyd Webber1987
The Music of the NightAndrew Lloyd Webber1993
The Phantom of the OperaAndrew Lloyd Webber1986
The Phantom of the Opera - Easy VersionAndrew Lloyd Webber1986
Pie JesuAndrew Lloyd Webber1985
Starlight ExpressAndrew Lloyd Webber1984
Take That Look Off Your FaceAndrew Lloyd Webber1980
The Last Man in My LifeAndrew Lloyd Webber1982
Tell Me on a SundayAndrew Lloyd Webber1979
All I Ask of YouAndrew Lloyd Webber1986
Bustopher Jones: the Cat about TownAndrew Lloyd Webber2010
I Don't Know How to Love HimAndrew Lloyd Webber1970
Jellicle Songs for Jellicle CatsAndrew Lloyd Webber1980
Music of the NightAndrew Lloyd Webber1987
Skimbleshanks: the Railway CatAndrew Lloyd Webber2019
The Old Gumbie CatAndrew Lloyd Webber1981

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