Tap A Song

Tap A Song

  • Playing Music on Computer Keyboard
  • Even if you don't know how to play piano, you can easily play your favorite songs on the computer keyboard. Amuse yourself, play and sing at the same time.

    Search 8,000 songs with song name or artist. Select the category at the page bottom, such as Classical, Holiday, Kids, Easy, K-pop, Cantonese, Chinese etc.

    Intuitively show the playing process of the piano piece, and adjust the tempo and pitch at will. Replay and save your precious performances, and export MIDI recording files.

    For details, see How to Play.

  • Playing Rhythm
  • Follow the rhythm of the song, and hit the keyboard to play a beautiful piano song.

    Keyboard keys simulate the keys of a piano. Extend the sound of note without releasing the key. The first row of keys has the lowest volume, and the fourth row of keys has the highest volume.

    This is the easiest way to play, and anyone can get started quickly.

  • Playing Melody
  • If you are a typing expert, choose "play melody", which makes you more satisfied and have real piano playing experience.

    Each falling note shows the key character, play the corresponding key on the keyboard with both hands according to the rhythm, and create your unique music performance.

  • Hand Independence Exercise
  • Hand independence on the piano is the ability to play using both hands in such a way that they seem to be working independently of each other. It is the biggest obstacle to beginners.

    "Playing two hands' rhythm" can help piano beginners to develop hand Independence gradually.

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