Tap A Song

How To Use

  • Functions
  • Score
    Stop playing and pop up main menu
    Add/Remove favorite
    Show/Hide fingering
    Playing progress
    Switch three states of left-hand chord:
    Show note, play sound
    Show note, no sound
    Hide note, play sound
    Switch three states of right-hand melody:
    Show note, play sound
    Show note, no sound
    Hide note, play sound
     - 100% + Change tempo (speed)
     - Cm + Change pitch (transpose)
      To play on iPad and other tablets, connect bluetooth keyboard
     Preview Listen the song, and see how to play the song on the piano
     Game Mode Play continuously, and the score show the accuracy of playing
     Practise Practise step by step, pause when you play the wrong note
  • Visualized Music Notes
  • Left hand white key note, the length of note represents the duration
    Left hand note on black key
    Right hand note on white key
    Right hand note on black key
      C Middle C
    The vertical lines are on the left of C and F keys, easily locate where the notes are played
  • Playing Rhythm

  • Choose to play "Rhythm", and start the easiest way to play

    Follow the rhythm of the song, and hit the keyboard to play a beautiful piano song.

    Keyboard keys simulate the keys of a piano. Extend the sound of note without releasing the key.

    The first row of keys has the lowest volume, and the fourth row of keys has the highest volume.

  • Playing Melody

  • If you are a typing expert, choose "play melody", which makes you more satisfied and have real piano playing experience.
    Each falling note shows the key character, play the corresponding key on the keyboard with both hands according to the rhythm, and create your unique music performance.
  • Hand Independence Exercise
  • Hand independence on the piano is the ability to play using both hands in such a way that they seem to be working independently of each other. It is the biggest obstacle to beginners.

    Choose "Rhythm (2 Hands)", and help piano beginners to develop hand Independence gradually.

    Play left-hand chord on the left side of the keyboard, and right-hand melody on the right side.

  • Recording
  •  Replay After playing, click "Play Recording" button to replay
      Quit and pop up main menu
      Save recording
      Click this icon on top of the page to show the recording list
      Delete recording
      Save recording as MIDI file

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