Tap A Song

How to Connect Digital Piano

  • Connect to PC with USB MIDI Cable
  • Depending on the model of your digital piano, connect to your PC with either a MIDI to USB cable converter or USB type A to B cable.

  • Chrome Browser
  • Only the Chrome browser supports connection digital piano.

    Visit https://www.tapasong.com with the Chrome browser.

    When you visit for the first time, error message "Your connection is not private" will appear. Please click "Advanced", and select "Proceed to www.tapasong.com".

  • Practise on Your Digital Piano
  • Connect your digital piano to PC, and visit https://www.tapasong.com on Chrome, your will see three options:

  • Melody (Right): Right hand main melody
  • Melody (Left): Left hand chord
  • Melody (Both): Both hands, main melody and chord
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